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Question: The largest reptiles are about 5 feet long.
Answer: The largest crocodiles, pythons, and anacondas can grow to more than 30 feet (9 meters) long.
Question: Most reptiles are carnivorous.
Answer: Most reptiles are meat eaters. They feed on a wide variety of insects, mollusks, birds, frogs, mammals, fishes, and even other reptiles.
Question: There are about 6,000 species, or kinds, of reptiles alive today.
Answer: Today there are about 6,000 species of living reptiles. They include snakes, lizards, turtles, alligators, and crocodiles.
Question: Some reptiles practice estivation.
Answer: Most reptiles are inactive during winter. This is called hibernation. Some, however, are inactive during parts of the summer, and this is known as estivation.
Question: Most chameleons give birth to live young.
Answer: A few kinds of chameleons give birth to live young, but most lay eggs.
Question: All reptiles are deaf.
Answer: Alligators, crocodiles, and most lizards hear fairly well. Snakes and turtles, however, have trouble hearing. Instead they can feel vibrations in the ground.
Question: All reptiles are vertebrates.
Answer: Reptiles are vertebrates, or animals with a backbone. Except for snakes, most reptiles have four limbs. Their internal organs are similar to those of birds and mammals.
Question: Most reptiles have four limbs.
Answer: Except for snakes, most reptiles have four limbs.
Mamba. Black mamba snake in a tree in South Africa. The best known Mamba is the black mamba, D. polylepis (Dendroaspis polylepis). Among deadliest of the world's snakes.

Reptiles: Fact or Fiction?

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Reptiles: Fact or Fiction?
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