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Question: Camels eat only very soft grasses.
Answer: Camels can survive on the coarsest of vegetation. They can feed on thorny plants, the leaves and twigs of shrubs, and dried grasses.
Question: Camel hair has no known uses.
Answer: Camel hair can be used to make tents, blankets, rugs, clothing, rope, and cord.
Question: Camels originated in North America.
Answer: Camels originated in North America about 40 million years ago. By 1 million years ago they had spread to South America and Asia. Relatives of the camel, such as the guanaco, llama, and alpaca, now live in South America.
Question: Camels can close their nostrils.
Answer: Camels have thin nostrils that they can close. This prevents flying sand from entering them. Their ears are small for the same reason.
Question: Camels sometimes spit food at their enemies.
Answer: Camels and llamas can bring up the contents of their stomach to spit at approaching enemies.
Question: A Bactrian camel has two humps.
Answer: A camel with two humps is called a Bactrian camel, after an ancient region in what is now Iran.
Question: Dromedaries can go for up to three years without water.
Answer: Dromedaries can go without food and water for eight days in temperatures of 122 °F (50 °C). They store water and fat in their humps.
Camel. Camelus. Desert. Sand. Sunset. Camel with colorful saddle crosses desert in India at dusk.

Camels: Fact or Fiction?

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Camels: Fact or Fiction?
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